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How To Use The String Length Calculator

In programming you may find the time where you need to calculate the length of a string. You can use this tool to quickly find a length of a string, or to compare against your own calculations as a reference.

How we calculate the Length of a String

Toolflow accounts for unicode characters, and will give you the length you expect. This even applies to Chinese characters. However, we also return the size of the string in bytes so you can see how large your string is.

See a few examples below:

            'Toolflow'.length // 8 Characters (8 Bytes)
                    'こんにちは'.length // 5 Characters (15 Bytes)
                    '£100'.length // 4 Characters (5 Bytes)

How to Calculate the length of a String in JavaScript

There is no fancy magic going on here. We use JavaScript to give you the result above and this is how.

Simply call .length on a string value to get its length:

            let myString = 'Hello, world!';
                    console.log(myString.length); // Outputs 13

How to Calculate the Bytes of a String in JavaScript

To get the size of a string in bytes, we can convert the string into a Blob. Then once we have a blob we can simply call .size to get the size of the string in bytes.

You won't see much difference with regular letters and numbers, as these only take up 1 byte. However, try entering a special character or characters using other input methods.

            let myString = '你好';
                    let sizeInBytes = new Blob([inputValue.value]).size;
                    console.log(sizeInBytes); // Outputs 6
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